Juniper Creek

Titi Creek:  a great trip with some neat surprises on Eglin AFB

Dark water, nice current, and a section that literally goes through the trees make this a fun trip.

SKILL LEVEL:  Advanced beginner.  There are several stretches that can give new paddlers trouble.  A pullover or two is highly possible.  

SCENERY:  Very nice with no development.

LOCATION:  On Eglin AFB near Crestview, Florida. 

ONLINE GAUGE:  No gauge, but look downstream from where you launch and see if you will be having to duck.  You might want to check out the Shoal River if you will be ending your trip on it.

Titi Creek on Eglin AFB is one of our favorite trips.  The creek is narrow and lots of fun for canoes and kayaks.  It is not as tough as its Eglin cousin Turkey Creek, but it can still present beginners with a challenge.  You can see down into the water, but its tanin-shaded waters are much darker than what you find on Turkey or Boiling Creeks.  The first mile or so is heavily canopied -- so much so, that you may be ducking in spots.  Not surprisingly, there are many titi trees along the creek.  You can recognize the titi by the long, skinny white flowers when it is in bloom.  While the creek is usually kept pretty open, it is not uncommon to encounter a pullover.  A favorite stopping point is the very shallow mouth of Honey Creek as it flows into the Titi -- you can't miss the crystal clear water.

As the Titi joins merges with the Shoal, it literally loses its way.  The water spreads out and head through the woods to join the Shoal any way it can.  This is one of our favorite areas.  With the water all spread out, there is no deep channel, and you may have to walk your boat for a while.  (This is one of many creeks where having a "painter" line on your kayak comes in very handy.  It's a lot easier to walk your boat if you can tow it instead of having to hunch over.)


You'll need an Eglin AFB pass to paddle Titi Creek.  (If you live in the Florida Panhandle, you really should invest in an Eglin pass.)  We usually paddle 11 miles from RR 207 north of Jr. Walton Pond down the length of the Titi and finish up on the Shoal River at Wayside Park near Hwy 85 in Crestview, FL.  Finishing on the Shoal gives you the chance to relax after having to pay attention on the Titi.  If you launch further down on the second RR 207 bridge, you miss one of the most fun parts of the creek, and you have to deal with potentially deep sand on the last section of the access road.


River Miles reflect the approximate distances from the previous launch site. 

LAUNCH SITE MAP  (See next section for clickable directions)

This is my favorite kayak paddle.  I like carrying a spare.

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RR 207
(North of Jr. Walton Pond)

Launch:  Northeast side of bridge.  Short, 50-foot carry.  With more than one car, you will be unloading in the one-lane road.

Parking:  One car would fit at the bridge and you can find parking for a few more cars if you head north up RR 207.  Isolated.  We usually park 0.3 miles south near Jr. Walton Pond for better visibility and access.  Isolated.

Facilities:  None.

NotesEglin AFB pass required. 

RR 207 -- a different bridge

Launch:  Southwest side of bridge.  Easy carry.

Parking:  Limited.  Isolated.

Facilities:  None.

NotesEglin AFB pass required.  Deep sand on the downhill run to the launch can be an issue.  We prefer the upstream access.