Juniper Creek

Cypress Creek:  a nicely-canopied, infrequently-traveled waterway with some surprise drops

The upper section travels through hunting lease lands and is relatively undisturbed.

SKILL LEVEL:  Advanced beginners.  Lots of things to dodge. 

SCENERY:  No big trees, but the forest scenery is nice.

LOCATION:  East of Panama City, Florida. 

ONLINE GAUGE:  None.  Water level markers are painted on the bridge at County Road 392.

We were first drawn to Cypress Creek after one of our group passed over it several times on his way across the state and wondered if we could paddle it.  A search for information about the creek online turned up, well, ... nothing.  We put the creek on our list of destinations to explore when we were in the area.  Wow!  We found out that not only could we paddle Cypress Creek, but that it was really scenic and fun to paddle.  What was even more surprising was that something this close to the coast had several perky little drops along the way.  This is definitely on our list of  kayaking destinations we want to visit again.  


The 10.1 miles from CR 392 to the boat ramp at Hwy 73B would make for a nice day trip.  You can do an easier 5-mile half-day trip by either taking out at Hwy 73 or starting there.  All of the drops are in the upper section of the creek.  Cypress Creek is narrow and filled with obstacles to dodge, so beginners should make sure they have control of their kayaks before venturing here, especially on the upper section.  There are very few stopping points along the creek, so it may not be an ideal trip for families.  Pullovers are also a possibility on either of these trips because of how narrow the creek is.   


River Miles reflect the approximate distances from the previous launch site.


LAUNCH SITE MAP  (Launch map for clickable directions)

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CR 392

Launch:  Southeast or southwest side of the bridge.  Better parking on the west, but somewhat easier access and shorter carry on the east.  (Southwest: 70-foot, easy carry.  Southeast:  30-foot, easy carry.)

Parking:  Lots of grassy parking visible to hwy.

Facilities:  None.

Hwy 73

Launch:  Northeast corner of bridge.  Access via dirt road at intersection with Mac's Nursery Rd.  100-foot carry with easy entry.

Parking:  Very limited room for cars in launch area.  3 or 4 vehicles max.  Roadside parking away from launch is possible.  Visible.

Facilities:  None.

Hwy 73 B (Nadine Landing)

Launch:  Road ends at boat ramp.

Parking:  Paved parking for 10+ cars.  Fairly isolated.

Facilities:  None.

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