Boiling 4
Little Boiling 2011 (2)
Turkey 2010 (3)
Juniper Sandbars 2016-10
Yellow River 2016-12 (27)
Boiling Creek
Pullover on Shoal River cutoff
Shoal River trip
Little Boiling Creek
Turkey Creek
Susan and giant cypress
Shoal River cutoff
Pullover on Shoal River cutoff
Coldwater Creek
Coldwater Creek bluff

Our primary goal is to promote getting people out paddling on the water.  We do this via our website by providing information on area rivers and creeks and with an email group list to announce paddling trips via Google Groups.  Joining the group is completely free.


We are a non-professional group that provides a way to connect with fellow canoe and kayak enthusiasts, primarily in Florida and Alabama.  Members are encouraged to post trips on the email list and to invite fellow paddlers.  (Posting a trip could save someone from a day of yard work or watching TV.  Post a trip and improve someone's life.)  


Most of our trips are relatively short notice because of weather and water conditions, but we do have outings that are planned further in advance.  We have several campouts per year at area state parks with paddling day trips.  We also do river clearing, cleaning, and exploration.  We generally have 50+ trips in a typical year.  We are most active in the Florida Panhandle and south Alabama.  (Yeah, we know Alabama isn't Florida, but if you live in the Panhandle, it's a lot closer than south Florida.)

All participants on our trips are responsible for their own personal well being and should know their limitations.  (See the legal disclaimer below.)  Skill and difficulty level of trips are generally announced, and paddlers should ask the trip organizer if they have any questions.   NO PETS are allowed on any of our river trips, but children of all ages are welcome.  With children, please know their limitations as well and pick trips that they will enjoy.


Our email list will also include some notices of general interest to paddlers, but the focus is on announcing trips. 


Legal disclaimer stuff:  Paddlesports can pose serious risks of damage to personal property & serious bodily injury including permanent disability & death. Anyone participating in any event or participating in any event noted on our website or email list does so at their own risk and agrees to hold and its members harmless from any liability as a result of such participation or use of information contained herein.  Participation in any of our activities is your own choice at your own risk.


We are NOT professionals or licensed, certified, trained, etc. to provide any service.  We are NOT professional outfitters.  We are NOT trained in emergency medical procedures.