Chipola River - Spring
Live Oak Creek
Turkey Creek
Shoal River
Little Boiling Creek
Econfina Creek 3
Juniper Creek - Sandbar
Little Boiling Creek - Snapping Turtle
Itchetucknee Creek
Econfina Creek 4
Coldwater Creek - Cliff
Turkey-Hen Creek
Weaver Creek 2
Big Escambia Creek


Some groups talk about paddling, but at Florida Kayak .org  we actually get out on the water and go!  We also provide information to the canoeing and kayaking community about the rivers and creeks that we paddle.   This is a work in progress.  While we have paddled a whole host of rivers, we are just beginning the task of outlining the details and chronicling our adventures.


Formerly the Florida Panhandle Canoe and Kayak Connection (, we actively promote canoeing and kayaking in the Florida Panhandle and beyond.   We are a non-professional group that provides a way to connect with fellow paddlers.  We have had hundreds of trips -- we are paddling all the time.  You are welcome to join us on the water.  All levels of paddlers are invited, from first time paddler to professional river rat.  What's more, there are no dues or fees of any kind. Also unlike a typical club, our only meetings are held on the water, or maybe a sandbar. 


You could be joining us on a river this weekend.

Here's a list of some of the rivers, creeks, and lakes that we've been on in the past few years.  We don't have information up on all of these canoeing and kayaking destinations on our website yet, but we are working on it.

Florida Waterways

  • Alaqua Creek

  • Alexander Springs

  • Apalachicola River

  • Big Juniper Creek (A summer favorite in the Blackwater Forest)

  • Blackwater River

  • Boiling Creek (A great creek on Eglin AFB)

  • Chipola River

  • Choctawhatchee River

  • Coldwater Creek

  • Crystal River

  • Dry Creek

  • East River (Eglin Reservation)

  • Econfina Creek (The upper section is spectacular!)

  • Escambia River

  • Gum Slough

  • Holmes Creek

  • Ichetucknee River

  • Ingram's Bayou

  • Juniper Springs

  • Little Boiling Creek (Eglin Reservation)

  • Merritt's Mill Pond

  • Ocheesee Pond

  • Ochlockonee River

  • Ocklawaha River

  • Perdido River

  • Pond Creek

  • Rocky Creek  (Eglin Reservation)

  • Santa Fe River

  • Seven Runs Creek

  • Shoal River

  • Silver River (Home of the monkeys.)

  • Simpson River

  • Sopchoppy River

  • Spring Creek

  • Spring Creek (GA)

  • Steinhatchee River

  • Titi Creek (Another nice Eglin creek)

  • Turkey Creek (Eglin Reservation.  Lots of fun!)

  • Turkey-Hen Creek (Eglin Reservation)

  • Turtle Creek (Eglin Reservation)

  • Wakulla River

  • Weaver Creek (Eglin Reservation)

  • Weaver River

  • Womack Creek

  • Yellow River (FL and AL)

Alabama Waterways

  • Big Escambia Creek 

  • Double Bridges Creek  (Beware the chute!)

  • Conecuh River

  • Coosa River 

  • Hatchet Creek (We want to go back!)

  • Little Choctawhatchee

  • Little Escambia Creek

  • Little River

  • Majors Creek

  • Murder Creek 

  • Omussee Creek 

  • Pea River 

  • Pigeon Creek 

  • Rice Creek

  • Sepulga River 

  • Simmons Creek  (neat waterfall)

  • Styx River 

  • Weogufka Creek  (As much fun as Hatchet.)

  • Whitewater Creek  (Not really whitewater, but fun.)

Other Locations

  • Okatoma River (MS) 

  • Okefenokee Swamp (GA)

Legal disclaimer stuff:  Paddlesports can pose serious risks of damage to personal property & serious bodily injury including permanent disability & death. Anyone participating in any event or participating in any event noted on our website or email list does so at their own risk and agrees to hold and its members harmless from any liability as a result of such participation or use of information contained herein.  Participation in any of our activities is your own choice at your own risk.


We are NOT professionals or licensed, certified, trained, etc. to provide any service.  We are NOT professional outfitters.  We are NOT trained in emergency medical procedures.